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Hanoi photos post… March 9, 2007

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I have to admit that I find photo posts easier to do than wordy posts. My mental faculties have been heavily taxed lately, and while photo posts are actually probably more time intensive, they don’t seem to take quite as much out of me. To be sure, I love words and language, but the activity of writing requires a certain kind of patience and attention to detail that I am all too often reluctant to invest in. There you have it; after three not particularly well structured sentences, I’m spent. Instead of me continuing to read my blather (noun?) about nothing, enjoy a series of photos taken during Aviva’s last visit to Hanoi. She wrote a travel piece on the city and commissioned me to follow her around (as I generally do anyway) and take photos.


This is the freaky mannequin head that lives upstairs at Puku (God, I love that place)

More Puku

2/3 of usual Puku meal: juice & cappucino (only missing is the Eggs Benedict)

Some Poinsettas at a pagoda near West Lake

The counter at which I order the delicious Eggs Benny

The last two feature Lake Truc Bach, the small island upon which I live…on…

Near West Lake where all the fancy pantses live

In case you weren’t aware, Binh hearts Linh

Until next time…


Beach Holiday… February 25, 2007

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Rather than spend my Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) holiday family and friendless in Hanoi, I took a trip to Thailand to see my favourite Canadian expat in Asia, Aviva.

We started in Bangkok, as always, before taking a much needed and endlessly enjoyed beach holiday to Koh Samed.

Samed is a gorgeous little island, about three and a half hours out of Bangkok by bus and ferry. There are numerous white sand beaches all along the coast of the island, all contained within a national park. We stayed on one of the cheaper backpackery beaches with wonderfully fine sand and copious friendly dogs. We stayed in a rustic little beachside resort, peppered with what are best described as tree-houses, containing nothing more than mattresses and a fan. We splurged for one of the concrete structures with a private bathroom. There was no A/C, but actually the fan was all we needed. The mattresses, however, were rock solid, and I don’t think either of us got a great sleep either night we were there. I will say, it was the least I’ve ever gotten for $20 for accommodation in Asia, but it in no way hindered our enjoyment of the idyllic wonderland that is Koh Samed.

All along the coast were similar resorts with beachside restaurants, a few of them on mats right down on the sand. We tried as many of the restaurants as possible, sampling everything from Phad Thai to seafood to hamburgers and Western breakfasts. And at every turn, there was a sad eyed (but well-fed) dog begging in the sand for table scraps. That is when Aviva wasn’t chasing the dogs around the beach and into the surf.

As the holiday coincided with the Chinese New Year, there were a number of eye popping fireworks displays. They also do something very cool big paper lanterns, which they torch and then release into the sky. Needless to say, sitting in the sand and watching these things float away, it was a very nice atmosphere.

After two days and countless beers on the beach and trips into the sea, we returned to Bangkok to enjoy its unique spirit before I had to turn around and come back to reality in Hanoi.

So, now I’m right back into the grind, but I will say that my batteries are very much recharged. Aviva wrote a very nice travel piece about Koh Samed for ANN magazine, so look out for that if you happen to be flying in the region on a Star Alliance flight. In the meantime, here’s a handful of photos.






Until next time…

R.I.P. Mojo February 12, 2007

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No sooner did I post about the furry little addition to my household than did tragedy strike. As of about 1:30 pm Sunday Feb 11, Hanoi time, my little kitten Mojo shuffled off this mortal coil. Her passing stemmed from an accident she suffered on Friday. I wasn’t home when it happened, but apparently she fell from the tree in front of my house and seriously injured her back. She was X-Rayed on the weekend, and while there were no fractures, she suffered significant damage to her spine and nervous system. Confident she would never recover, the vet recommended she be put down. I agreed. I was with her until the end. There is comfort in that.

Godspeed little kitten. You weren’t with us long, but you will be missed.





Kien, come home… February 9, 2007

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So, while I was away in Canada my cat Kien ran away from home.  It was never uncommon for him to be outside for a few hours at a time or occaisionally overnight, but he’s now been missing for about six weeks.  I’ve heard so many stories about cats coming home after months or years, so I remain hopeful, but I’ve also heard a lot of stories from locals suggesting some sort of foul play is a distinct possibility.

So, when I returned to my house in early January there was no cat to greet me.  That was until Huong – my housekeeper, a very sweet woman – took it upon herself to bring me a new kitten.  At first, I was certain I was going to get rid of her, not least because the Chihuahua was very nervous early on.  But in the days that followed, they bonded, and the dog is now comfortable (the cat was at home from day one).  It seems now as though the cat will stick around, at least for a while.

I’ve mentioned this story to a couple people, and they’ve requested pictures, so here they are.

Until next time…

It’s been a long time… January 21, 2007

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I won’t make excuses or apologies. I’ll just quietly start posting again. Only, I’ve got an awful lot on my plate right now, so I can’t promise a whole of effort here. But I’ll do what I can.

I’m back in Hanoi after a nice – albeit short – visit to Toronto for the holidays. It was excellent seeing my family – they know who they are – and some of the scenery that I forgot how much I missed. In fact, here’s some of it now.

The following is a handful of shots I took with my new D-SLR. I’m still learning the ins and outs of the camera, but I really love it. I had almost forgotten the joys of shooting reflex. Without further adieu, here’s the stream behind my grandparents’ house…



Until next time…