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I love podcasts / people sure say some stupid shit sometimes… October 19, 2006

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“We’re hoping to be able to turn grass into Cellulose Ethanol, and I hope there will be enough left for the occasional spliff.”

Gold. That was Richard Branson speaking on alternative energy sources on the October 17th episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, one of the sundry podcasts I’ve been listening to of late. I’m with ya, brother.

I’ve been growing ever more addicted to podcasts recently. I chalk it up to missing the CBC. I know that I can listen live on the web, but the time change turns me off. Instead, I just download the podcast versions of my favourite programmes, and then I’m never too far away from Sook Yin Lee and Anna Maria Tremonte and the rest. I find it’s a nice way to keep me connected to what’s going on in North America, even if it often pains me to hear it.

I’ve also been listening to Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. I find that one particularly infuriating, but I have so much respect for them and what they do. They present a forum for viewpoints that seem too often stifled by mainstream North American media, and I personally really appreciate that.

On the more light-hearted side, my favourites are Definitely Not the Opera – or DNTO for those in the know – and WTF, which I’ve mentioned before.

Somewhere in between lies Real Time with Bill Maher, which often leaves me in stitches but whose political content also tends to inflame my temper. It’s not so difficult to get me riled up. Take, for instance, the following quotation also taken from the October 17th show.

“Multiculturalism does not work in any country in the world.”

-Lou Dobbs

What kind of a ridiculous statement is that? I see this debate ultimately boiling down to semantics over the word “work,” but honestly, that’s one of the most asinine statements I have ever heard. Is Mr. Dobbs’s solution for us to split ourselves up and all live on separate islands with our own kind? I’m a white Canadian, so do I join with all the folks who look like me and live in my geographic area? But wait, my cultural heritage is a mix of Anglo-Saxon and Italian. So, what does that mean? Do I move to England or Italy? Listen, Mr. Dobbs, the very fact that many many of us are even on this planet proves that MULTICULTURALISM WORKS. It’s not always pretty, and there are conflicts, but that doesn’t mean that we should cease trying to live together in peace. If cultural hegemony is really what you’re after in the US, let’s make a deal. I’ll stay out of your country and you stay out of mine. I take that back. You’re always welcome in Canada, but quite frankly I have no interest in spending time with people who deep down wish only to ever be around their own. What a giant step backwards and a bloody waste of time. And that’s where it will necessarily lead, by the way, to bloodshed.
I’m done.

Until next time…

P.S. Anyone know of anything else interesting out there I should check out?

P.P.S. I’m having problems with my Flickr (photos) account today, so my Bangkok photos post will have to wait another day…